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Assembly compounds

PW 30 AL

Food grade assembly paste


Whitish paste ensuring a clean lubrication of heavy loaded mechanisms. It possesses special antifriction and extreme-pressure additives to avoid seizing of assembled parts working under severe conditions of charges, vibrations and shocks. PW 30 AL is registered by 2probity, in category H1. This indicates that it is authorized for use in incidental contact with food. (N°1524304)


Plastic injection: moulds ejectors and columns & guides lubrication
Presswork: lubrication of columns and moving parts of cutting tools. Long-term lubrication of all kind of threads, bolts and nuts working under sever conditions, to ease disassembling operations. Assembling steam joints, cable gland, rods and valves joints and miscellaneous assemblies Assembling mechanical parts working at high temperatures.

Technical data

Greasy lubrication: -40°C to +300°C
Dry lubrication: up to 450°C.

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