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Granulation industry


Granulation is used in numerous industrial sectors: animal feed, wood, biomass, chemistry, food industry, etc.
This manufacturing process uses granulation presses for which MOLYDAL has developed special greases to increase the lifetime of the rollers with re-use of the roller bearings up to 3 x shells or envelopes.

These greases possess the properties necessary for lubricating bearings, rollers and the main or intermediate shaft: extreme pressure, high temperature, high viscosity and very high anti-wear properties.

MOLYDAL greases are designed to perform and to withstand the specific mechanical stresses of granulation presses, thereby limiting production down time for maintenance and material costs.

These greases can be used on all brands of press.

In the granulation industry, all the stages in the manufacturing process required optimum greasing:

  • Feed belt
  • Kiln: Redler screws at the ash tray
  • Drums (drying before granulation): lubrication of bands and bearings 
  • Miller (obtaining uniform granulometry)
  • Mixers (homogenisation of the material before going to the press)
  • Presses 
  • Coolers  
  • Packaging: conveyors

For all these stages, MOLYDAL covers the whole range of lubrication requirements both with products and with greasing systems.
With its knowledge of the granulation industry, MOLYDAL has set up a partnership with PROMILL, leader in granular presses for animal feed granulation or for manufacturing wood pellets.