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Greases for heavy loads

LCH 800

Adhesive grease for the lubrication of dam chains


Lithium soap-based grease with good properties of working stability and for high temperature.
Really adhesive grease, with good resistance to bad weather, and she limits all loss of lubricant when the conditions are really difficult. Provides also an important anti-corrosion protection for a good preservation of the material. Thanks to the extreme pressure and anti-wear properties, increased by the action of solid lubricants, the grease LCH 800 suits for the lubrication of all strongly loaded systems and subjected to the shocks.


Particularly adapted for the lubrication of bearings and gears in the winches of the floodgates.
She resists to the washing out of water caused by opening the floodgates (flood period) or during bad weather. Is also suitable for the lubrication of dam chains as over layer protection after the application of the bi-component ALPHAFLUID in order to space out the frequencies of lubrication.

Technical data

Operating temperatures : -20°C at +160°C
Grade N.L.G.I .: 2
Load : 500 kg
Reference Designation Packaging Unit
LCH80050 GREASE-NLGI2-LCH 800-KEG 50KG * By 50 KG

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