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Neat oils

LUBA 501

Ecofriendly extreme pressure lubricant tapping, cutting and deep-drawing operations


VOC-Free and chlorine-free lubricant for metal cold forming operations. Specifically designed to replace mineral based neat oils. LUBA 501 is formulated from vegetal esters and EP additives. Its outstanding wetting and lubricating power helps improving parts surface and tools lifetime. LUBA 501 is designed for deep-drawing, cutting, drilling, tapping and threading operations that are usually made with chlorinated fluids. LUBA 501 helps reducing chemical hazards and improving environmental protection. LUBA 501 also helps reducing fluids consumption and improving productivity. It's very low viscosity enables easy cleaning and the residual layer is fully thermodegradable.


LUBA 501 is specifically designed for machining copper and alloys. LUBA 501 is particularly suitable for severe operations such as cutting or deep-drawing operations with any material: steel, HLE steel, stainless steel, aluminium and alloys, copper and alloys. Application with felt rollers (ROLLER LINE) or spraying systems.

Technical data

Kinematic viscosity 40°C : 60 cst
> 50% of "easily biodegradable" raw material (OECD 301)
RRM : > 80%

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