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Sustainable development


Sustainable development is "development that meets present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs", quotation of Mrs. Gro Harlem Brundtland, Norwegian Prime Minister (1987).

There are three dimensions to sustainable development which assumes a growth in economic development in equilibrium with the environmental dimension and the social dimension.

To conform to this definition, MOLYDAL has for 15 years been engaged in a strategy of development through innovation by formulating  eco-designed products, substituting as much as possible oil bases by bio-sourced* bases to offer the best alternative to its customers. This eco-responsible range is aimed at:

  • Increasing productivity: products with performance as good as, even better than mineral-based products, enabling the cost-efficiency of processes and a reduction in costs (economic growth linked to smaller quantities used and to the costs of waste processing).
  • Contributing to its users' health: products without safety labelling, without ELV (exposure limit values), odourless and non-irritants.

Designing eco-responsible products*** from renewable raw materials** thereby contributing to a reduction in carbon footprint. 

Molydal is a participant in the "USDA BioPreferred® Program" and is committed to the certification of its eco-responsible products.

This range of products is easy to transport and store because of their "non-hazardous" status, and does not incur waste processing-related costs.

MOLYDAL eco-designed products cover all the lubricant families: metal workingdegreasingmaintenancegreases.

They can easily be identified by MOLYDAL's own "Green Lubricant" logo. 

Associated with special application systems, MOLYDAL lubrication solutions are contributing to decreasing product loss and saving time for technicians. (MOLYDAL Roller Line roller lubricatorsmicrospray bench can degreasers, etc.)

* What is a biosourced product? 

Biosourced products are plant derivatives and other renewable agri­cultural, marine and forest materials. They ge­nerally provide an alternative to conventional oil-derived products and include a varied range of offers such as lubricants, detergents, inks, fertilisers and bioplastics. 

** What does renewable mean? 

Renewable describes an inexhaustible and easily replaceable resource. In the context of bio-sourced products, renewable resources include agricultural, forest and marine resources such as seaweed, and not the product itself. 

*** What is eco-responsibility?

Eco-responsibility is an approach consisting of including sustainable development in the course of daily activities in order to limit the impact on the environment. This principle was introduced in the 1970s and is one of the current preoccupations.