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Roller Line roller lubrication solution


The MOLYDAL Roller Line lubrication solution is the solution for lubricating coils of all widths while meeting operator safety constraints.

The main advantages of the system are :

  • Optimum lubricant spreading and homogeneity on both faces.
  • Controlled and reduced lubricant consumption.
  • Work station cleanliness : the system generates no mist.

It perfectly meets health, safety and working conditions for the protection of machine operators in the workshops.

It is also a highly reliable solution with low maintenance costs. 

Compact with flexible parameter settings, it is suitable for all work stations.

Coupled with MOLYDAL lubricants such as SOLESTER 530 or LUBA 21, it is the solution for lubricating coils before deformation, stamping or profiling operations.

The use of eco-designed products is a choice dictated by the desire to combine productivity with respect for people and their environment and also to be part of corporate social responsibility.

French manufacture; System on quote