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Neat oils


Ecofriendly lubricant profiling- cutting- stamping


Cold forming ecofriendly lubricant free from chlorine, sulfur and VOC. It is specifically designed to replace evaporative fluids and light mineral oils. Made from vegetal esters, its outstanding wetting and lubricating properties allows to improve parts finishings and tools lifetime. It leaves a thin protective layer fully thermodegradable, leaving no residuals on parts.


LUBA 16 can be used on any material: aluminum, copper and alloys, steel, zinc-coated steel and stainless steel. Special lubricant for cutting, bending, punching, holing, light stamping and profiling operations. Also suitable for sawing, drilling, light threading. Can be applied by spraying systems, droplets, roller systems (ROLLER LINE).

Technical data

Viscosity @ 40°C: 9 - 11 cst
RRM : 100%

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