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MOLYDAL offers a complete range of products and materials meeting users' technical and environmental requirements in metalworking. 

High performance products dedicated to the sectors of cutting, stamping and profiling

Eco-responsible products, without VOCs are formulated from vegetable bases and/or renewable raw materials

Products without MOSH, without MOAH, or POSH and/or NSF approved meet the food industry requirements

Roller-based lubfication and micro-spray systems optimise the quantities deposited. 

The range of MOLYDAL lubricants for metal working is composed of:

EVAPORABLE FLUIDS: these fluids contain a dry extract composed of various additives to facilitate cutting or stamping, and oil-based solvents which evaporate naturally after the deformation operation.

NEAT OILS: "Series H" is composed of technical fluids of various viscosities for deformation operations of all types of metal. These neat oils enable all cutting and deep stamping operations to be carried out and are suitable for working all types of metal.  

The LUBA range is made up of eco-responsible extreme pressure lubricants for cutting and stamping. VOC-free, without oil-based solvents, compatible with all materials, they are especially designed to replace evaporable fluids and oils. The LUBA range has stamping performance 40% higher than that of a hydrocarbon evaporable base and allows 30% reduction in consumption. 

LUBA products are safer for users' health, and improve productivity related to cost reduction (decrease in consumption and production down times).  

SOLUBLE OILS: these water-soluble machining fluids are intended for al machining operations (milling, turning, grinding, etc.).
The SOLESTER range is made up of renewable base lubricants for metal working and as a substitute for evaporable fluids. This range of lubricants is more particularly designed for profiling steel, stainless steel and for all operations of chip removal, machining, thread cutting, tapping, drilling, etc. 

A team of specialists is at users' disposal for support with custom eco-responsible solutions and recommendations. Contact us