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Chain and cable lubricants

NS 100 AL

Ecofriendly lubricant for chains, MOSH, MOAH, POSH free


Ecofriendly synthetic chain oil specifically designed to stand very low and very high temperatures. good resistance in dump and dusty environment. Clean lubricant that doesn't leave any carbonisation residual and it doesn't pollute chains or painted parts. Free from MOSH-MOAH and POSH. NS 100 AL is registered by NSF International, in category H1. This indicates that it is authorized for use in incidental contact with food. (N°165256)


Freezing industries. Chain lubrication for ovens, conveyors, bottling lines, food processing etc Packaging machines or printing machines Guides and columns lubrication.

Technical data

Tenue en température : -40°C à +250°C
Viscosity @ 40°C : 100 cst
> 95% de MP « facilement biodégradable » (OECD 301)
MPR : > 80%

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