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Evaporables fluids

MYE 605 AL

Evaporable lubricant for food industries


Vanishing fluid for incidental contact with foodstuffs made up of hydrocarbons reinforced with extreme-pressure and anti-wear additives as well as smoothening agents. Comprised only of raw materials approved by the FDA. Guaranteed chlorine-free, sulphur-free and free of animal fat. Imperceptible dry film, practically free of sticky residue and white traces. Can be bonded, welded, and painted.


For manufacturing parts intended for food industries. For cold deforming of all metals. For all cutting, stamping, profiling, folding, cambering, and stamping operations on all types of metals (ferrous metals, stainless and coated steels, cuprous, bronze, brass, aluminium, and its alloys).

Technical data

Flash point: 41°C

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