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5 S solution


The MOLYDAL 5 S solution for transferring and storing fluids in industry 

The 5 S method, applicable to all work areas (including offices), takes the form of standardisation of work stations by visual management.

It ensures that every day, an employee can have at hand the information, tools and equipment required to carry out their job at their work station, and hence work efficiently and safely.  

Thus, the jerrycans offered by MOLYDAL are fully part of the 5 S approach. 

They enable fluids to be distributed more easily, safely and quickly while keeping the work station tidy, and save time and money.

This quality system of fluid transfer comes with the following advantages:

  • Prevents cross-contamination of fluids
  • Prevents accidental spillage
  • Keeps oils away from the environmental contamination found in all workshops.

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